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Should anything be unclear, if there is still any confusion or a different way we can help accomodate do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or telephone.
We here at Stroud Green Windows have been working and improving since the 1980s.
We follow a standard procedure with minimal deviation to streamline the process and allow for ease of transition from one step to the next.
We can estimate for almost any items should we have the necessary information, the most helpful are photos as they help give an idea of the work involved
Visual aids are often used to help audiences of informative and persuasive speeches understand the topic being presented. Visual aids can play a large role in how the audience understands and takes in information that is presented.
For replacing existing units

please provide a picture encompassing the whole unit:

  • If like-for-like then a simple process for us to estimate a replacement.
  • If changing the design, please provide some form of drawing,
  • alternatively, we can help guide you through the options
For new builds:
  • Drawings; with measurements (even approximate is fine)
  • Design: Sliding Sash, Casement, Bi-folding/Sliding Doors etc.
  • Material: Timber, Aluminium or uPVC.
We have to consider the material being used, we supply Timber, Aluminium and uPVC in a variety of configurations but not all configurations are available in all Materials, some examples are below.

  • Sliding Sash — Timber and uPVC
  • Tilt and Turn — Aluminium and uPVC
  • Sliding Doors — uPVC and Aluminium
Once an estimate is provided and an indication of price has been provided the next step is to proceed with the Survey. There is a discretionary charge for the survey which is credited towards the cost of work should you proceed with any work quoted for post-survey.
Information required to proceed to a booking:

  • Full Name of the Client
  • Full address of the property
  • Contact number of any persons due to be present during the survey.
Once the survey has been issued and payment has been confirmed we will provide a date and a timeslot for the arrival of the surveyor, we would ask that you allow for some variation in arrival as we can not determine how long other bookings will take.
Please feel free to contact us if there needs to be any change to the booking, or if you require an update on the eta.

Once the survey has been issued and payment has been confirmed we will provide a date and a timeslot for the arrival of the surveyor, we would ask that you allow for some variation in arrival as we can not determine how long other bookings will take.

Please feel free to contact us if there needs to be any change to the booking, or if you require an update on the eta.
On the day be sure to direct the surveyor to the unit you wish to replace along with what you are looking along with what you are looking to have done.

We recommend asking any relevant questions regarding the units themselves as they will be able to guide best during their visit, to determine what can and cannot be done in the space.
We also provide a disposal of rubbish service, at a cost depending on the amount of rubbish to be disposed of.
Once the survey takes place, and the information is relayed back to the office.
A quote is generally prepared and sent over the same day, but of course, in some cases, there is a slight delay, usually in the more intricate projects.

Once a quote is sent over, valid for 30 days, a decision is made by the Client to proceed with any units of work sent over.
Changes can be made to the quote within reason and some changes do affect the cost, increasing, decreasing and in some case, no affect on cost.
Once a quote is accepted, we can then issue a pro forma invoice to lay out the scope of work as a summary rather than specific, this is confirmed via email.
We have a three stage
payment procedure:
50% Initial Deposit
Begin production and book installation as a placeholder
40% Second deposit
  • 1-2 weeks prior to installation to confirm installation
  • Failure to confirm payment may result in postponement of the installation
10% Balance
Final payment settling the balance. Once all work has been completed we will issue an invoice for the outstanding balance
In the case of supply only,
payment scheduled as:
50% Initial Deposit - Begin production
Begin production
50% Balance Payment
Remaining amount to be paid prior to delivery/collection.
Arrival time is normally left to the discretion of the installation team as they organise their day according to work, timeframe and scope of work.
If an arrival time needs to be set please let us know and we can arrange for a time of arrival, again, please allow for some variation as arrival time will not be exact.
On the day the team will arrive to begin the work, normally done from top floor down.
Prior to arrival, we would ask that you move any furniture away from the surrounding area where the work is to take place.
The team will apply dust sheets to the floor to pick up any debris that falls.
They will first begin the removal process of the unit due to be replaced, there is a lot of variation dependant on the work so will not go into too much detail.
Once the work is completed, they will clean up after themselves and dispose of any rubbish if this was included with the quote, if not opted in and would like them to do so please contact the office immediately to relay acceptance of the extra cost and this can be added back to the scope of works, to be reflected on the final invoice for remittance.
Following completion the team will relay this information back to the office to then move on to the next step.
If Timber(primed), uPVC or Aluminium was installed this is normally the final step and an invoice will be issued following completion of the work.
If Timber(painted) the office will be in touch to organise a time for the decorators to come by and make good on the painting of the units.
Painting / Decorating
Painting/Decorating is only applicable to Timber units, any uPVC or Aluminium units are not painted post-installation as they are powder coated in the workshop.

As a standard, all of our Timber units are painted beforehand at the workshop, in some cases where this was not possible to achieve the unit can be painted on-site with no repercussions. This is sometimes the case when we are incredibly busy and unable to get the units painted in time.
The office will make contact to arrange a date and time for the decorator to come by and make good on the painting agree on within the accepted quote, no painting will be done outside this scope, however, this can be added on.
Should you require more work, a quote can be discussed with the office to be added on the scope of work.
The painting/decorating work normally involves filling and painting of the unit;
If part replacement i.e. not replacing the whole unit, we offer painting for any and all Timber units present:

  • Painting a part replacement and not the existing frame we would not make good on any painting of the existing frame.
  • Also if painting the existing frame, we would make good on any damage incurred to the window.

Note that this additional work can be quoted for and added to the scope of work should you require, please get in touch with the office as soon as possible to arrange.
Following completion of the painting, this normally indicates the completion of work and will follow with an invoice for the remaining balance.
Plaster/Remedial Work
Plaster damage occurs when removing an existing frame. This is unavoidable as some of the frame almost always sits behind some form of cladding whether that is plastering, plasterboard etc.

Damage to the exterior of the unit cannot be foreseen as it is almost impossible to see the impact that removing the unit will cause.

However, our fitters have years of experience in removing windows and are careful and meticulous about removing the unit by cutting around unit and foam.
But as I am sure you can imagine, windows and doors are not installed to be easily removable. As such some force has to be applied when removing the unit.

You would see quite a difference depending on the type of unit that is existing compared to a new unit being installed.
The largest degree of plaster damage seen is when removing Timber units to replace this with uPVC units, this is typical due to the nature of the installation, just let us know and we can explain this further.
However we can install the new uPVC units into the existing frame should this be in reasonable condition, this is something that could be looked at during a survey.
To carry out the plaster repairs, we can quote for this once the installation is complete and we can review the work and quote for this accordingly.

We do this for two reasons, One, because we can not foresee the damage, and two, we can provide a fair quote based on the work.
The Remittance of the outstanding balance is due following the completion of all the work pertaining to an invoice.
Additional works may be added to the invoice during the installation period should a quote be agreed upon.
You will receive an invoice from us for the outstanding amount with an invoice number for your records, please remember to quote the Invoice number as the payment reference if making a payment via BACS(bank transfer).
Fill out the form and our manager will contact you soon to discuss your questions.
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