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All Type of Glass Available.

Low E Glass, Range of Pilkington Glass, Decorative Glass, Bespoke Design

Pilkington glass is easy and it allows maximum light while maintaining privacy.

Pilkington K Glass A

is the latest hard coat low-e option that achieves a WER A (dependant on frame type).

A development of the original Pilkington K Glass it is a durable, single stock product which can be used in annealed or toughened format.  It’s high light transmission maintains neutrality; avoiding the ‘grey’ appearance of other competitors hard coat Low-E products. 

Pilkington Anti-Condensation Glass

is an on-line, Low-E coated product manufactured in 4 mm thickness in LES and Jumbo sizes. It is produced on a Pilkington Optiwhite™ high transmission substrate and is robust and easy to clean. Pilkington Anti-Condensation Glass is easy to handle and process and can be laminated, toughened, bent and incorporated into IGUs.

Pilkington energiKare™

is the name given to our range of double and triple glazing used to improve the thermal efficiency of homes. It reduces the amount of heat lost through your windows and can also allow more heat energy from the sun in through the glass.